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Sometime size does matter, for Godzilla of course but also for Docker images. I came across an interesting article this week-end about a 2 week experience with Docker to see if it was production ready and a follow-up by Nicolas De Loof.

One of Frédéric de Villamil’s concerns was the size of the Docker images: your container will most likely weight more than 1GB which seems true as you’ll need to include a Linux distro in your images. In order to mitigate this, Nicolas suggested to start from an images based on Busybox rather than Debian or Ubuntu for instances David’s Java8.

Java 8 Images

At the moment there are a couples of base images for Java 8 applications out there. I guess the most popular are dockerfile/java and the official one. Let’s have a look at those images.

Image From Size
dockerfile/java:oracle-java8 dockerfile/ubuntu 917.7 MB
java:8 debian:experimental 692.2 MB
dgageot/java8 dgageot/busybox-ubuntu 201.7 MB

The size difference is quite significant as we have a 3.5 or 4.5 factor between the lightweight Java image and the regular ones. Even if you add a 100MB application to this base images you’ll still have at least a 2.5 size factor in favor of the lightweight image.


Since David’s image is very small many things won’t be included. For instance there is no package manager, no JDK but only a JRE (with tools.jar), etc. Depending on your application you might need to add some extra contents.